Our international partners are specialized in the designing and manufacturing of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), Mine and metal detectors, Armoured vehicles, Arms and Ammunition used by Defence, Navy and Land Forces as well as civil industries (Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Fire brigades and Security)

Know How From Design To Production
Design and Production of model or prototype, multi-unit machines Transverse technologies
Mechanics & hydraulics
Electronics, power electronics
Automation & Control Command
Electrical Motorisation
Real time Informatics
Processing & on board algorithm
Modelling & Simulation
Virtual reality
Testing & maintenance

Professions involved
Submarine acoustics, navigation, and mechanics
Navigation rules, navigation help (land & sea)
Aeronautical safety
Simulation : naval, air, automobile
Multiple sensor integration

Engineering of complex & on board systems
Functional architecture
Systems architecture